Wormrot Frontman Proposes to Fiancée Onstage at Baybeats 2013

From left to right: Arif and Azean Rot

From left to right: Arif and Azean Rot

Singaporean grindcore trio Wormrot‘s latest gig was one hell of a milestone. In a move that surely surprised everyone who was present for the band’s gig during Baybeats 2013, frontman and vocalist Arif Rot proposed to his fiancée Azean Rot onstage about 25 minutes into the band’s 35-minute set.

Wormrot‘s gig, which started at 9:30 PM on Saturday, June 29 at the Powerhouse section of Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, was memorable in more ways than one; it was also the band’s virgin appearance at the 12-year-old free local music festival and the first time a grindcore band played at the festival, which had only ever featured metalcore groups as its heaviest acts in the past.

Mrs Rot, who serves as the band’s manager, was summoned onstage by Mr Rot about two-thirds of the way through the band’s live set (and what must have been their discography) after Mr Rot praised her for being “fucking amazing” and the reason why Wormrot even exists in the first place.

Mr Rot then walked to somewhere close to backstage that was to the left of the drum kit (from the drummer’s perspective) to retrieve a small box. Then, he walked back to the front of the stage and waited for Mrs Rot to join him.

When Mrs Rot finally stood before him, Mr Rot shuffled around in an abashed manner and mumbled something about saving the “mushy-mushy stuff” for later. He then continued to sing Mrs Rot’s praises, paused for a while, and knelt down to pose the million-dollar question to the love of his life over the microphone: “Azean, will you marry me?”

The proposal.

The proposal.

The audience erupted into cheers. Naturally, Mrs Rot was elated upon hearing the question and said: “Yes”. The couple then embraced, and once Mrs Rot left the stage, sharp bursts of noise ensued and ravaged everybody’s eardrums again.

By the way, it was quite hilarious to witness the befuddled expressions on the faces of innocent bystanders who were dining at an open-air eatery that was right next to Wormrot‘s gig venue.

Mr Rot’s humorous comment before the band’s encore (and last two songs) for the night was probably aimed at those innocent diners: “Fuck it, we will play two more songs; they are so short and people will just think it’s noise and won’t understand it anyway.”

Mr Rot’s Proposal to Mrs Rot (Pity This Video Ended Right Before Arif Kneels Down)

This Video Managed to Capture Everything


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    lame. macam popstar

  2. That was good.

  3. Hellkride

    Oh I dunno, I think a pop star would have tried to make it more glamorous and pretentious. This guy is just so cool in how chillax he is yeah?

    “ROAHHHH ARHHHHHH GWARHHHAHHAWRW- Thank you. Ok before we continue..”

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